Quynh Vu is a visual artist based in North Carolina, USA. She graduated from Wake Forest University in 2022 with a Bachelor's in Studio Art. Much of her work reflects the continuous process of attempting to understand her identity as a Vietnamese American woman- an identity that invokes strong sentiments towards both Western and Vietnamese culture and history. Working primarily in 2-D, Vu directly faces the lasting impressions of Western influence on modern social dynamics.

Photo by Jeff Cravotta

2018-22 Wake Forest University (Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA)
2018-19 Danish Institute of Study Abroad (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Group Exhibitions​​​​​​​
2023 Art of Malaise (StArt Gallery; Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
2022 Unprompted 3.0 (Flux Galleries; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2022 Trekking St. Cuthbert's Way (StArt Gallery; Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
2022 Safe Space (OBRA Gallery; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2022 Goodyear Arts Summer Residency Showcase (Goodyear Arts; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2022 Local Street (Mint Museum; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2022 Mustard Gas (Scales Fine Arts Center; Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
2022 Dream Deferred (Lewandowski Gallery; Rock Hill, South Carolina)
2021 Hunnid Dollar Exhibit (Blk Mrkt; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2021 Let it Show! (StArt Gallery; Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
2021 It Blooms At Night (Goodyear Arts; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2021 Summit Art Show (Summit; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2021 Spiritual Blast (Petra's; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2021 Big New Things (Advent Coworking; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2021 New Works in John P. Anderson Student Art Collection (StArt Gallery; Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
2021 Eyes Wide Open (Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art; Charlotte, North Carolina)
Solo Exhibitions
2023 Softened Scars Constellations CLT (Mint Museum Uptown; Charlotte, North Carolina)
2022 Closed Sundays (StArt Gallery; Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
2022 Goodyear Arts (Charlotte, North Carolina)
2021 Berlin Art Institute (Berlin, Germany)
2022 Hanes Art Gallery Award
2021 John P. Anderson Student Art Collection
2021 Hanes Art Gallery Award
2020 Susan Boyle Award (for Best Visual Arts)

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